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Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime? A good marriage doesn't happen by chance. It's formed when a man and a women commit to build a life together in an environment of love and respect.

As Family Life (De Familia a Familia), we are convinced of the importance of prematrimonial prepartion, with a biblical focus, as  

the fundamental to building a happy marriage that lasts. That is something every couple desires.

SOM is an active and participation based weekend designed to motivate and advise couples who have made the decision to enter into marriage together. During engagement, there are a million details that take over one's mind. SOM is a tool to help couples pay attention to the things that are truly most important.

The subjects dealt with during the weekend are the following:

·        Marriage & Society

·        The basis of family

·        Communication in couples

·        The differences between men and women

·        The intimate relationship

·        Roles within marriage

·        The first adjustments

·        The use of money

·        In-laws

·        Social life and freetime

·        Time usage

·        Kids

·        Wedding preparation

·        The spiritual life within marriage


During the weekend each person completes a personality test and has a personal interview outside of the hours of the weekend course. Come to SOM! And enjoy the fullness of the adventure that is marriage.

If you are interested in participating in SOM, or if you are interested in bringing SOM to your city, please contact us.

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